Angel Deck Private Instructions


Angel Deck:
A spectator names ANY card (no force). Each card in this deck has 2 little Angel figures on it. When the deck is riffled, the angel figures become animated, like a little movie. One Angel is seen flying over the card and then making the selected card appear!
The Secret:
Every card has 2 parts on each end of the back, on one part is the angel slide show on the other is the angel and the revealed card with the value of the card it is next to in the deck. The 2 Jokers have images of the Angels before any movment happens and they need to be on the top of the Deck.
Your aim is to get the selected card the Angel has revealed to the bottom of the deck and turned around, you do this the following way…
First show the two top cards (jokers) and then move the bottom cards to show the angels different movements. Ask the spectator to name any card (lets say they choose the 6 of diamonds) spread the cards out faced up in your hands till you get to the 6 of diamonds and put your little finger of your left hand on the back of the next card under it and make a pinky break (in this case that is the 7 of Diamonds) this will help you get both cards in one go, this action is covered by the rest of the deck. Put both of them (6 and 7 of diamonds) so they are both sticking half way out of the middle of the deck showing the 6 of Diamond with the 7 behind it (this will just look like one card to the spectator).  Now take the both cards out, turning them over and put them on the bottom of the pack (this looks quite natural) next you need to put the  6 of diamond on the table and leave the 7 on the bottom of the deck without anyone noticing the 7, the best way to do this is to move the deck away from the six and turn the whole deck over.
You are now setup to perform the riffle slide show and the card with the Angel revealing the 6 of diamonds.
Other notes:
Sometimes the decks are not setup correctly so you might need to set it up, I have mine set top to bottom… 2 jokers, ace to king of hearts, ace to king of clubs, king to ace of diamonds and lastly king to ace of spades. You are good to go with that setup 😉
If you are having any trouble understanding the text explanation above just check out the video from my auction page …