Coin Bender Private Instructions

Coin Bender
(always make sure the coin is fully in the bender slots before bending and DO NOT try to bend silver coins)
Borrow a 2p or 1p coin from a spectator & have it initialed (if preferred), everything is completely fair
Hold the coin in your finger tips, IT VISUALLY BENDS.
Hand their initialed coin back to them NOW their coin is BENT.
The Secret:
Pin the elastic with the benders attached up each sleeve and have the benders hidden in your hand. Ask a spectator if they have a 1p or 2p coin (only use a copper coin as silver are too hard to bend and will destroy the benders) you can get the spectator to mark their coin with a marker if you like.
Method One
Take the coin off them and talk about the mark or ask their name but talk to misdirect the attention away from the coin and while talking put the coin in-between the bender and bend it and then let the benders fly up your sleeve… then it is simply a matter of showmanship on revealing the bent coin. The best way is to rest the bent coin on your first finger with your thumb on the bend and make it look like you are rubbing it but slowly push it around your finger so the bend is revealed in a Uri Geller style or just simply pretend to bend the already bent coin to prove a test of strength.
Method Two
Hide the benders in your hand with your thumbs covering the end of them up and when you take the coin back put it in the benders and physically bend the coin right in front of the spectator hiding the benders with your hand and thumb then drop the bent coin into the spectators hand and while they are examining it simply let the benders fly up your sleeve.
Note: The benders will fit a 1p coin perfectly and once you have bent a few of them the slots will become big enough for a 2p coin. (DO NOT TRY TO BEND SILVER COINS AS THEY ARE TOO STRONG FOR THE BENDERS)