Prediction Board Private Instuctions

Prediction Blackboard

The magician writes a prediction of a colour on his mental note board. The prediction is covered and spectator names any colour which is then written on the cover. This is repeated with the spectators favourite food, and freely chosen ESP symbol. When the covers are removed, the magician’s predictions are seen to be 100% correct!

The initial prediction questions can be anything you like… country, number, change in their pocket, famous person, name etc etc


This is all accomplished by a hidden panel in the board and is what magicians call the one ahead method. you start by holding the board so the hidden sliding panel will be on the bottom 2 spaces. take the first panel cover off and ask the for the spectator to think of any colour and you pretend to write one in the top space and put the panel back over the slot, when covered you ask what the colour was and write it on the top cover. Open the second cover up and ask the spectator to think of any food and then you proceed to write the colour chosen first in this spot and cover it up, ask the spectator what food they thought of and write it on the cover of the second panel. now take the 6 ESP cards and ask the spectator to shuffle them and lay them down on the table and point to any one (the ESP cards can be marked on the back with a red sharpie or simply force one) you then open the 3rd board cover and write the name of the chosen food from question 2 and slide the hidden panel up and also write the ESP symbol in the new space that has become revealed by pushing the hidden section up, put the 3rd panel back and turn over the ESP card to show what it was and write that on the 3rd cover. you are all set with all the 3 predictions pushed up under the right cover and can now reveal that you have all 3 predictions 100% right.

The ESP cards for the 3rd force are optional you could use anything that you force or secretly know the identity for the final prediction.

When the supplied marker has run out replace it with a dry wipe marker ONLY as a normal one would ruin your board I also suggest removing anything written on the boards right after the effect as the longer it is left on the harder it becomes to remove. If you have left the writing on your board for too long and it stains then use Isopropyl Alcohol to clean it. Make sure you are using the 99% or 90% solution.

If you have No Isopropyl alcohol on hand then you can also use… Hand Sanitizer, WD-40, Hairspray or Toothpaste.