Flaming Thumb Tip

Flaming Thumb Tip
You reach out and pluck the flame from a cigarette lighter. Hold the flame between your thumb and index finger, blow the flame out or vanishing it and showing your hands absolutely empty. Use it to light a cigarette or ignite flash paper. Blow it out then reach out and grab another flame.
This is the ideal accessory to use with candle routines.
The Thumb Tip Flame may be used as a gag or combined with flash string or paper, cigarettes, etc.
As with all fire effects this is a dangerous item to handle, and as such should not be used by anyone who is under the age of 18, or not total competent with the use of such a fire gimmick.
IMPORTANT: Safety Rules for this adult ONLY effect.
Only ever cover the outside wick with lighter fluid NOT the inside this will be good enough for a performance.
(The inside cotton should not be covered in fluid there is just no need to do that and its not safe IMO so again please only use the fluid on the outside wick, I cannot stress this enough )
Never leave it alight for more than 30 seconds as you run the risk of the hardened plastic melting if left alight for over this time.
Never light the tip next to the lighter fluid and always make sure you do not have lighter fluid on any other part of your hands
Keep the lighted tip away from any flammable items and clothing
You are dealing with fire folks so please be careful and treat it with the respect it deserves.