Moving Key Private Instructions

Moving Golden Key
Offering to show the spectators something a little different and mysterious, you produce a shiny golden mortice key for all to see, saying that you will demonstrate something strange. With just a gentle rub you are able to make the “teeth” of the key move around the cylinder! Then, right in front of the spectator’s disbelieving eyes, you move the teeth right down to the bottom of the cylinder.
For a blinding finish you hand out the key for examination and the teeth are seen to be solidly WELDED in the wrong place – there’s no way you could have moved them!
The Key has its teeth welded to the top of it and a magnetic set of teeth. you start off by hiding the welded teeth with your fingers and have the magnetic teeth in the normal key place. you can then move the magnetic teeth around as much as you like but do not over do it and make sure your movements are really slow and eerie. (hiding the welded teeth with your finger all the time)
At the finish you move the magnetic teeth level with the welded teeth and use the same fingers that are covering the welded teeth to grab the magnetic teeth making sure to cover everything up, Pretend you are twisting the magnetic teeth to the spot where the welded teeth are but secretively palm the magnetic teeth and hand the key out to be examined.
pocket the magnetic key while the spectator is examining the key and you are left totally clean.
Any problems understanding the above instructions please see my video demo …