Hole Punch Private Instructions

Moving Hole Card Trick with Punch


The magician punches a hole through a freely chosen and signed card. He covers the hole with his fingertips and mysteriously slides it to a different location on the card! The hole is unquestionably real and the spectator’s can see right through it. At his command, this time without covering it, the hole visibly jumps to a third location on the card! The magician then takes another card, slides it over the chosen card, and the hole visibly jumps from the chosen card to the second card! Both cards can then be given to the spectator for complete examination.


Setup: Take the fake card an place it on the top of a normal deck use the punch to make a hole in the corner of a normal playing card from your deck and leave that on the bottom of your deck and your ready to begin.

Performance: Get any card selected and place it on the top of the deck faced up, now double lift both that cards on the top of the deck and turn them over and put the gimmick card on the table (this will just look like you have turned the chosen card over and placed it on the table but you have in fact swapped it).  Next show the deck is different and in doing so bring the bottom card to the top of the pack hiding the hole you made in it. 

now take the gimmick card and hold it so your thumb hides the top middle hole and use the fingers underneath to open the flap, at the same time bring the hole punch over the card and move the thumb at the same time using the punch to hid the hole. Then you need to move the hands down and making a pretend pressing action (DO NOT PRESS AS YOU MIGHT SPOIL YOUR GIMMICK CARD) now remove the hole punch and it will just look like you have made the hole. Cover that whole with your thumb and close the flap underneath move your thumb to the other hole giving the impression that you are moving the hole to that position then with the second hole covered with your thumb open up that flap.  making the whole jump to the 3rd spot is achieved by covering your 3rd hole with your other thumb and open it then quickly flip the card up then down and closing the second hole and moving your thumb that is covering the 3rd hole.

Now take the real card off the top of the pack hiding the hole with your thumb and place it on the gimmick card, push it down and release the flap on the gimmick card at the same time. this will give the effect that the whole has jumped onto the other card. Place the gimmick card on the deck doing the double lift turnover switch again revealing the card they choose in the first place.

give the 2 cards out to be examined and take a bow 😉

Help: Any problems understanding my instructions above then please view my youtube video demo…