Lens Private Instructions

Twisted Pen with Lens
The Magician places a pen on a spectators hand and places a credit card size lens over it. He then twists the Lens to give the illusion that the pen has vanished. Finally he moves the lens to give the illusion that the pen is twisting and finally revealing that the pen has indeed really twisted!?!?
Hold the already twisted pen in the middle with your fingers hiding the twisted part. now put the lens on the spectators hand long ways. Slip the pen underneath still hiding the twisted part. Now reveal the pen under the lens it will not look twisted and appear normal. Next twist the lens to vertical this will create an illusion that the center of the pen has vanished.  The last effect is to twist the lens back and forth giving an illusion of the pen twisting then reveal the twisted pen for the big finish.
Always try to be different…
Experiment with the lens putting other objects under it to  see what effects you can get with matches, straws, chopsticks etc.  You might just come up with your own unique tricks using lens… good luck 😉