Moving Pips 4 to 6

Moving Pips is one of the most visually stunning card gimmicks you can own…
There are a few different ways to perform the moving pip trick, but one popular variation begins with the magician asking a volunteer to pick a card while the deck is riffled. Once a card is chosen, the magician produces a sealed envelope containing his prediction for the chosen card. The magician’s card will be correct in suit but wrong in number– a four of diamonds instead of a six, for instance. Just when the audience thinks the trick failed, the magician miraculously changes the card into a six of diamonds, with the two extra diamonds, or pips, crawling into place seemingly out of nowhere.
Put the gimmick card in an envelope with it set as the 4 of diamonds and your set to got… You need to force a card I’m guessing most of you already know many way to do this but if not just search google or youtube for “How to Force a card” there are plenty of tutorials out there.
Force the 6 of diamonds and have it returned and lost in the deck and then control it to the top of the deck…if your card skills are not up to this an easy way to do this is take a normal 6 of diamonds from the deck before you start and trim it slightly shorter than the rest of the deck once it is forced and returned to the deck you can give it to the spectator to shuffle the cards and when they return the deck to you, you will be able to feel where the six is because it is shorter and makes a small gap and you can simply cut the cards at that spot brining the six to the top of the deck.
Next take the envelope and make a big thing about revealing their card the “4 of diamonds” make sure you remove the gimmick card from the envelope with your fingers hiding the number 6 and keep moving the card around slowly so they don’t notice the thread on it. The spectator will probably be embarrassed for you when it looks like you have gotten it wrong, ask the spectator what card they choose and when they tell you it was the six of diamonds just cover the 4 of diamonds corner and shake the card slightly so they can’t see the 6 and move the control at the back of the card to move the pips to the middle… Done right this is a very powerful illusion and one the spectator will talk about for years to come. Now to finish clean you need to switch the fake card with the real six of diamonds you controlled to the top of the deck earlier, you can choose your own method for this but it is quite natural to slowly move the card to the top of the deck and at the same time push the top card out a little and then swap them over done right this will just look like you tapped the deck with the card… You can then give the real 6 out for examination.