Cigarette Up The Nose Private Instructions

Cigarette Up The Nose:
Cigarette Up The Nose is an amazing vanish of cigarette so stunning it looks like trick photography!
A cigarette is slowly & visibly pushed up your nose. Your hands are then shown absolutely empty!
The Secret:
The gimmick cigarette is attached to elastic and the elastic runs up your sleeve. there is also a fake tip on the end of the cigarette. the tip moves up and down the cigarette. when you hold the cigarette with the elastic running up your sleeve to pretend to push it up your nose but in reality you actually just move the tip to the end of the cigarette. 
When the cigarette tip is at the end of the cigarette near you nose you can let the cigarette fly up your sleeve and then instantly show your hands empty… The whole effect is an amazing offbeat effect that really looks like you have pushed a cigarette right up your nose.
You could also just pretend to push the cigarette into your hand and make it vanish.
If you are struggling to understand the above please see my youtube video of a clear example…