Moving Nut Private Explanation

Nut and Bolt Magic Trick

Maybe one of THE most amazing PK effects ever. Imagine you pick up a nut and bolt (both may be borrowed), thread the nut on the bolt, and upon your command the nut slowly starts threading itself off of the bolt as if caused by some ghostly action. 


The Magician wears a secret device that causes a small unnoticed vibration in the wrist, this vibration transforms to the fingers to amazingly make the nut unscrew itself when held tight between the finger and thumb.

Other Info

Always try to be different and experiment by using this device with different objects you might just surprise yourself with what other tricks with borrowed objects you can invent or search youtube to see what others are doing with it.

Because you can feel the vibrations your brain will make you think it sounds a lot louder than it really does, but do try to place the device in different positions around the wrist to get the best and quietest position for you… i find the back of the wrist works best for me for noise levels when I’m using in totally quite places.

If you find the black band too tight or uncomfortable you can hold the vibrating device in place with elastic bands or a ladies hair band etc.

You can also have the button in your shoe and activate the device with your foot.

Demo Video