Pen Through Bill Private Explanation Video

Pen Through Borrowed Note
Imagine you borrow a £5, £10, £20 or even a £50 from a friend… reluctantly they hand over the note to you. Just as they are about to ask why you need it, you confidently shove a pen right through their money! they watch in amazement (their eyes are only inches from the note) as you pull the pen out leaving the money completely unharmed. You can then instantly give them the money back to examine and once they have you can then give them the pen to look at.
The Secret
The Pen is gimmicked and has a detachable magnetic tip. you first show the pen then show the note while doing this cover the tip of the pen with the note and secretly remove the tip leaving it hidden underneath the note. Next bring the pen into view carefully hiding the fact it has no tip with your fingers and make a stabbing motion into the note. the magnetic tip will connect through the note to the other magnet on the pen giving the illusion that it has punched a hole right through the note. a quick flick of the pen will release it from the note and the magnet will connect to the pen making it looking like it has magically penetrated the note.
Hand the note to the spectator to examine and while they are doing this secretly remove the magnetic time off the pen and pop it in your pocket and remove the pen top and place it over the flat magnet. then just hand the pen out for examination.
Advice:  Use the pen in a different ways always try to make yourself unique in your performances, think of different items to penetrate like you business card before you give it out, make use of your environment and use  a beer mat, a party invitation, a playing card etc.
Any problems understanding my instructions above then please view my youtube explanation demo here…