Ultracinese Telekinesis PK Moving Screw


Ultracinese Telekinesis PK Street Magic Nut Bolt Off On Moving Mind Trick Screw

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Important: This is the “4 Battery” Chinese Version Thus more powerful than the sub standard 2 battery Chinese one 😉

(It takes 4 AA Batteries Not Included)


Telekinesis Nut and Bolt Magic Trick

May be one of THE most amazing PK effects ever. Imagine you pick up a nut and bolt (both may be borrowed), thread the nut on the bolt, and upon your command the nut slowly starts threading itself off of the bolt as if caused by some ghostly action.

 You immediately give the nut and bolt (no switching) to the spectator to keep as a souvenir.

Now get this… no thread, no magnets, no reels, no rubberbands, nothing attached to the nut or bolt, nothing hidden in your hand, no switching, no kidding. Sounds to good to be true, sounds impossible, sounds like hype? It is not…

This is one of those rare effects where the method will not disappoint but will inspire you and make you feel like you are doing REAL magic. You will do this for your own amusement and amazement.

There are many other uses only limited by your imagination. Imagine borrowing a pack of cigarette and have them slowly crawl out of the box at your command and take one of them Cigarettes and have it move on your hand.

This is as close to real magic as it gets.

Video Demo

View my Video (WITH SOUND) of this amazing effect in action…

(I coughed to give you an idea of sound levels)

Watch what a Pro Magician does with it…

(first effect only not the linking rings one)

Note: This is the “4 Battery More Powerful” Chinese version…  I have this stock in the UK and ready to post today.

Thanks for Looking 😉

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