Mini Raven


Magician Makes a coin or any small magnetic object vanish from his or a spectators hand


The elastic pull has a magnet on the end with a small bit of invisible thread attached to it hooked around the middle finger, the other end is attached to the inside of your jacket or under your shirt.

The magician can set this up instantly on his finger waving his hand over the object and letting the object attach itself to the magnet.

Then he can instantly unhook it from his finger to make the magnet shoot into his jacket or under his shirt carrying the object that has attached itself to the magnet with it.


Attach the pin to the end of the elastic (opposite end to the magnet) and the second pin as a catcher… thread the first pin through the second pin and attach it to the inside of your shirt or jacket. Attach the second pin a bit away from this but enough to make tension on the elastic and to make the magnet hidden when it is caught by the second pin.

Please refer to the images on the packet to see just how to attach this magnetic pull to the inside of your shirt.

Also make sure you are wearing a dark coloured shirt and quite thick to prevent any rips.