Magnetic Ring Private Instructions

PK Ring
Lid Through Bottle
The Magician takes a lid from a bottle and throws it at the bottom of a glass beer bottle amazingly the lids looks to penetrate right through the glass and appear on the inside of the sealed bottle the whole thing can be given to a spectator to examine and keep.
Take an ordinary beer bottle and put a folded lid inside of it then make the PK Ring hold and hide the lid behind the label on the inside of the bottle. you are now setup to preform the effect. if you want to set this up right infront of the spectator simply show them the bent lid fits into the bottle and then hold the bottle with the hand wearing the PK Ring over the label. Pretend to tip the lid back out of the bottle but secretly it sticks to the ring on the inside and you have a second lid already in the hand your tipping the bottle into… people will  assume that is the lid you just placed in the bottle and tipped out.
Now simply hold the lid under the bottle then throw it just behind the bottle, at the same time move the hand with the PK ring that is holding the bottle and the ring inside the bottle in place slightly away from the bottle. This will do 2 things it will release the ring inside the bottle making it come into view inside the bottle and it will also make the ring you threw up behind the bottle attach to it and be hidden by the label.
When this is done properly it will give the effect that you have just thrown the lid right through the bottom of the bottle.
Final Thoughts & Ideas
If you are having any problems understanding the instructions please see my youtube video that i embedded into the auction page.
There are plenty of PK ring effects out there just search youtube for the search term PK Ring and this will reveal tons of effects and as you will know they are preformed with a PK ring they are alot easier to work out how to do them… or even better come up with your own effects.