Self Tying Shoelace

In the middle of your performance someone will INTERRUPT you to tell you your shoe is untied…
So you smile, make eye contact with your spectators, and give your foot a little shake. Your shoelaces start to snap back and forth, criss-crossing…
If you could move your foot in just the right way you might actually be able to tie your shoelaces without even touching them…
You give your foot another little shake and this time you get it just right.
To the astonishment of your spectators, YOUR SHOELACES visually TIE THEMSELVES! 
You Start off with your shoelace already tied and hidden behind the bottom of your trouser leg.
The reel is clipped onto the inside of your trousers and has the fake laces attached to them, they are pulled down so the pull reel is extended and the fake laces are sticking out of the bottom of your trousers. This gives the effect that they are your laces and they are untied. You are now setup to perform the effect.
Now simply kick your foot around and at the same time let the reel make the fake laces go up your trouser leg and hidden out of view. At the same instance make the hidden real tied laces come into view by pulling your trouser leg back a little bit.
Everything done together will give the effect that your lace magically tied themselves.
Note: you can use the laces provided or change them for any other colour and style you like 😉

Demo Video